Application Questions

What do you review during the application process?

Income: Your rent payment should not exceed 40% of the combined income of all applicants

Job History: We confirm with employers job history as well as pay

Rental History: We will contact previous landlords for recommendations

Credit History:  If your credit is less than good, we may require last months rent as well as the security deposit

Background Check: Evictions, bankruptcies, and criminal convictions can effect whether an application is approved or denied

How do I submit an application for a property I'm interested in?

You can email your completed application to matt@buergerrealestate.com, fax it to 720-548-3408 or drop it off at 3820 Charterwood Cir., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126.

I'm self-employed. What do I need to provide with my application?

If you are self-employed, you will need to provide tax returns for the past two years or verification of income through bank statements.

Is the $35 application fee per person?

No. The application fee is per application. Keep in mind that if you are roommates, each roommate needs to fill out their own application and pay their own $35 application fee.

We're engaged but not married. Do we need to submit seperate applications?

No. Significant others may fill out the same application. Roommates will need to fill out separate applications.

Does my application take the home off the market?

No, it does not. We process applications in the order they are received. Once an application is approved, a Rental Agreement will be sent to the applicant for review and signature(s). The home will be taken off the market as soon as the signed Rental Agreement is returned and the security deposit is paid.

Is the security deposit refundable?

Yes. Provided that the home is left in the same condition as it was when it was delivered to you less normal wear and tear. Deposits are refundable 60 days from the date of move out minus any damages. You will be given a written breakdown of the refund.

Is insurance provided?

The home itself is insured against fire, flood, storms, etc. However, your personal belongings are not. We recommend that all tenants obtain renters insurance from a local agent.

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Pet Questions

Do you accept pets?

Policies on pets vary according to the homeowner. Please call or email to see if pets are allowed at the property you are interested in.

Do pets cost extra?

Where pets are allowed, there is an additional $250 deposit per pet.

What happens if I don't disclose a pet?

Pets that are not disclosed at the time of move-in or during the rental period will result in an automatic rental agreement termination and all deposits will be forfeited. If you wish to acquire a pet during your rental period, a written request is required for homeowner approval and a pet deposit will be required. Your rental agreement will require an addendum identifying the pet and must be signed by tenant(s) and the landlord.

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Dollars & Cents

Are utilities included in the price of rent?

In a single family detached home, you are almost always responsible for the utilities (electric, water, sewer, gas, telephone, cable, etc.). In a townhouse or condo, the policies on utilities vary by each individual home.

How are maintenance issues handled?

Tenants are required to submit the Maintenance Request form found on the "Tenants" page. The tenant will be contacted by someone in our office as to whether we will be coming out to handle the problem or if one of our highly qualified vendors will be contacting them to schedule a time to address the issue.

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